Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Whiney Wednesday

I'm going to whine and try to contain it to just Wednesdays. One thing that really makes me whine is my skin. I don't know what to treat - the zits I'm getting or the wrinkles I'm getting. I have tried a lot of stuff and spent a lot of money on crap that doesn't work.

I bought a moisturizer that was supposed to turn back the clock and make my skin youthful in appearance. It worked. I look just like a teenager - with my brand new zits. Did you know the proper way to pop a zit is to stick a needle in it sideways, pricking the head and then squeezing it? Then hold a cottonball on it soaked in alcohol. Just don't drink alcohol before you go popping your zits, though. That may not turn out very pretty. It is a surgical procedure, you know.

I really thought I was getting too old for zits. Not to mention I took Accutane ten or so years ago. So they give our zits a special name - "adult acne". My mom said now they have a condition they call "senior acne." Will I never out grow this problem?

When I was a young teen and first started getting zits, my dad decided to flaunt this fact by singing a little jingle:

"Fi's got zi-i-its, bigger than her ti-i-its." I think when God was handing out zits I thought he said tits and asked for some great big ones that everyone would notice.


ptatjohn said...

A friend recomended your sight. I have to say I loooove it. You could make a fortune if you developed a pill that eliminated wrinkles and pimples. Hey while I'm dreaming why not include it in the magic diet chocolate bar. Keep me laughing with your down to earth pre menapause attitude.

Kari said...

Zits, wrinkles and cellulite! I'll look old and have senior acne and look odd in a swim suit as long as I don't have to give up chocolate!! I mean the good stuff, not cheap chocolate! I deserve the good stuff! :)