Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Hate Buffets

What's worse than a bus load of teenage boys at a buffet? Being there at the same time. It was like the school cafeteria all over again, but worse. How can it be worse you may wonder? There weren't any teenage girls there to help them keep their social skills in check.

No, there wasn't food flinging or alphabet belching. It was just very crowded and I felt like I was in the land of the reeking giants, because my nose was in direct line with thier armpits. Their hairy, sweaty, hormone infested armpits. Lucky they were wearing shirts and I didn't see their pits but we moms know what is under those cheap graphic tees.

I bet the restaurant made a loss tonight because the boys kept piling their plates up higher and higher with any food they could get their hands on. That's the problem. Some of them used their hands instead of the tongs or serving utensils provided. Their hairy little knuckles reaching for fried chicken and self-serve ice-cream cones. I tried not to think of them picking their nose and hoped the bus stopped at the bathroom first so they could wash their hands before they were set free.

And because these ravenous creatures eat so much, it's us, us, that have to pay the extra price. Though I barely eat $4 worth of food (I just don't know how I gain weight), I have to pay $10 to make up for their gluttony.

So that's my whine for this lovely Wednesday. Though I'm considering sending my own son to eat there so I can save on my own grocery bill.


Karen said...

Ewwww. Now there is a strong argument against a buffet.

Lisa said...


Krista said...

And I hate over eating just to get you $4 worth!

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

And a mother of teen boys would know these facts to be so more buffets for me.