Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Drives Me Crazy

You wanna know what really drives me crazy? This is the one thing that can push me right over the edge of sanity, crashing into insanity.

At our age, we've been driving for about 25 years and we've become pretty professional. Certain people need to be banned off the road - but not me or you. We are experienced and have quick reflexes. We could teach others to drive if they just take note of our perfected driving. Except teenagers who almost gave me a heart attack because, well, you know, they already know how to drive better than us anyway. Like you get comments such as "You didn't signal three seconds before you turned" or "you're driving too close the the car in front of us. That's tailgating." Hmmph!

So, tell me why certain drivers hurry like a bat out of Hell to pull out in front of me to the point I have to step on my brakes. And then they go slow -like they can't even go the bloomin' speed limit. And to make the matters a little more frustrating - there isn't a single car behind you. WWHHHYYY?!


Karen said...

I wish I knew! Let's get their license plate numbers and hang them on a wall of shame..... Too much....OK....but it could have been fun.

Fat, Female and Forty said...

LOve it! Some people don't deserve to drive!