Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Knock-off Bags

We visited Jamaica a few years ago an I bought a cute "Dooney and Bourke" purse for a steal. Well, it wasn't genuine. I didn't think anyone could tell the difference between my purse and the real thing. Then my husband tried to sell it on E-bay and someone informed him that this was not a real "Dooney and Bourke" and he could get in big trouble for selling it under that name. It was still in perfect shape, but the truth is - it's a fake. And some people can spot fakes a mile away.

On the weekend I went to lunch and I saw a cute young mom standing in line with her cute blonde hair and her cute young figure. She had cute long, straight hair and a cute velour track suit on. I envied her cute little petite body. Then she turned around and it was like something out of a horror movie. Screeeeeeech! Her face was like a prune, like tanned leather, like a Prada handbag knock-off! She had to be a grandmother 20 times over. Not that there's anything wrong with being a grandmother 20 times. But quit grasping on to something that is gone! Way gone. Very gone. So over. It looks as ridiculous as an old man driving a red sports car with his second wife (who is the same age of his daughter) on his arm. You may as well wear a fluorescent T-shirt that says, "I'm having a mid-life crisis."

It's okay to take care of yourself - actually, it's better than okay. And if you have a slim body that you've worked hard for, that's okay, too. But you shouldn't go around shocking people when they see the face of a zombie when you turn around! What's wrong with having "age appropriate" hair? What's wrong with wearing age appropriate clothing? I don't mean you have to wear a shawl, but if you are wearing "Roxy" sprawled across your body, isn't that going too far? The teens just think you are weird - and so do the grown ups. You can still look great even if your son's friends don't think you're hot!

Like a favorite handbag, we are showing signs of wear. The best bags are taken everywhere. We may not have that sparkling new appeal but we've had a lot of adventures. Lets toot our horns and celebrate experience and time!

I'd rather say, "Yeah, I'm forty-ish and I look good" than "I'm desperately hanging on to my youth." You might be in denial if you look behind you and find a pack of young boys who suddenly lose the expression in their face. C'mon, no one likes a knock-off!

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