Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Parasitical Twin

I kind of grossed myself out with my title. I saw this documentary that had people born with parasitical twins and like one guy had another mouth on the side of his head and it even opened and closed. A baby had whole extra torso and limbs and it had to be removed. Now I don't feel like whining on Whiney Wednesday.

I was going to complain about zits again because this week I have had three bad experiences with them:

1. I had a Siamese twin zit that had two heads. Two heads are NOT better than one.

2. I gave birth to something from my chin that had an umbilical cord and a heartbeat.

3. I had my husband get one in my scalp (what the?) that resembled my cousin. Too bad it didn't look like Obama so I could have sold it on E-bay. Actually......

Now, see. Zits aren't so bad in your 40's when you think you could have been unfortunate enough to have an extra mouth on the side of your head instead. I'm feeling a little more grateful. Still sucks.


Lisa said...

I vomited in my mouth while reading this description. Yeah, there could be worse things in our life. Thanks for putting things in perspective. :)

Kari said...

I saw that guy with the mouth on the side of his head! Not in person of course, but it was pretty gross! I'll take a zit over that any day!

I'll take a little whine with my cheese about the stupid weather today though. Snow again!!! Yuck!