Monday, February 8, 2010

Who Am I?

And we thought "identity crisis" only happened when we were teenagers! I can tell you exactly who I am. I am a text book. Really. As a baby, I hit all my milestones right on target. As I was growing up, hitting puberty, menstruating every 28 days - text book. When I had my babies, everything was text book except they had to use the "vacuum extraction" with my Golden Child. But it went according to the book.

Now I'm experiencing mid-life crisis and everything is by the freakin' book. I was hoping that I was a little above all that stupidity. I've experienced almost every. single. symptom. Including questioning who I am. See if you can relate to any of these.

  1. I am a mother. I think I'm a pretty good mother, too. My kids are fed - I feed them almost every day. I send them off to school. I offer lots of bright colored toys to stimulate them. I have a son (Genius) who is nineteen, a daughter (Golden Child) who is seventeen and another daughter (Little Miss) that is in fourth grade. I didn't make these kids by myself which brings me to the next point:

  2. I am a wife. I married a wonderful man. I've been lucky enough to stay home and clean house, change diapers, do laundry, cook gourmet dinners and look like the perfect family.

  3. I'm an employee. I had to go to work full time because hubs decided he wanted to be his own boss.

  4. I'm a friend.

  5. I'm a sister.

  6. I'm a daughter.

  7. I'm a neighbor.

  8. I'm a client.

  9. I'm a patron.

  10. I'm a little bit Rock-n-Roll, but not a little bit country. Maybe a teensy bit.

  11. I'm a cousin.

  12. I'm an aunt.

  13. I'm an in-law, but not an outlaw.

  14. I'm a member.

  15. I'm so undisciplined.

  16. I'm a lady.

  17. I'm a statistic.

  18. I'm a fan.

  19. I'm a smart ___ (cookie)

  20. I'm a chocoholic. Is there a problem?

I'm sure I could think of other things I am. I could have a list of things I'm not. I won't even try to rate myself on those things I am. Sometimes it's hard to be good at everything all at once. I get overwhelmed with so many hats to wear. I find one hat at a time is about all I can handle. Sometimes wearing one of the hats above for too long affects how another one will fit. You know what I mean - you wear the mom hat all day long and then Hubs wants you to wear the wife hat and you're too tired to put it on.

Or you wear the employee hat all day and you're too tired to wear any other hat than the chocoholic hat. This is a picture of a chocoholics hat. I should have taken her picture with it on.

I guess that should remind us to have fun wearing them, no matter what hat you wear.

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