Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I can tell I'm not keeping up too well with the times because it drives me crazy when I'm with someone and they talk on their cell phone and/or text other people. My teenagers made me laugh one night because they came to our house after a dance and they all layed on the floor in their prom dresses and suits and texted other people and occasionally had conversation with each other. Then one would say out loud, "Oh, you should see what Jayden just said." That would initiate this thing called a conversation. I wonder, do they just not enjoy the company they're with? I'm sure that's not the case, but WTH?

I have a cell phone and I use it mostly for emergencies. One of my friends said her child's cell phone was her leash so she could know where her daughter was and could use it for a leveraging point. I didn't get my teen son a cell phone at all - he paid for it himself. The bad thing is we couldn't use it for a leveraging point but we know all of his friends and where they live. But the good thing is, he takes care of it. Our daughter didn't get one until she was in high school. She felt like she was ostracized from society. But then she had to get a job to help pay for it. Isn't that our purpose in life, to prepare our children for the future? A cell phone is a priviledge not a necessity. Social outcast she thought she was. Now she is 17 and socially accepted once again.

When someone calls my cell phone and I'm with another person, I make the conversation short stating, "I'm with Katie right now, will you be home later on?" I have certain friends who talk on and on.....and on as if you are not even there. I find that insulting. I have certain friends who's teenagers text or call every ten minutes. My kids know better than to disturb me when I'm with friends. If they need to call they can and they do. But we don't have a co-dependant relationship where I can't be gone for two hours without interruption.


Saimi said...

I couldn't agree more! One of my college sons is in the mist of dating and is really impressed when a girl turns off her phone while they are together. She'll get a second date. Others that are slaves to their phone, not so lucky!

Kari said...

I hate the phone personally. Any type. I prefer face to face.

Linda said...

I am so with you. I often think how my life as a teenager would have been different with a cell phone. I am glad I learned to be a real person before I had one! Now we have 5 in our house. And the house is still very loud with conversation! (okay, it's fighting, but at least they are acknowledging each other).

Krista said...

That is one of my pet peeves, too. I wonder if Gloria Vanderbilt is rolling in her grave with all the etiquette we are breaking!