Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Taco Toots-day

I know this is a delayed Tootin' Tuesday post. But we all know life gets busy and I definitely had to have my beauty sleep.

Taco Time has a "Taco Tuesday" special. Two tacos for $2.19. Well, their tacos are like a half a pound and there's no way I could eat two tacos in front of people on my own so we always have a few people go to share.

Later on, I was in our file room which is the size of a walk in closet and when I file on the bottom two rows I sit on a stool so I don't have to bend over. There's a lot of filing. So as I squat to sit my body did it again. This time it was a very loud "toot" which actually sounded kind of like shuffling a deck of cards. I jimmied the filing cabinets hoping no one else heard that. Inside I was giggling, but outside I ignored it. If anyone heard, they ignored it, too. It's not like I was going to come out and say, "Did you hear that?" like on the movie Elf. So it was a windy day here in town. I'm a closet tooter who is now coming out of the closet.


Kari said...

I am truly SHOCKED! (ya right!) I would have busted a gut when you came walking out of the closet! Anyways, nice way to "hide" it!

Karen said...

I always new you were an ambiguous closet tooter. Absolutely HILARIOUS!

Gil said...

Thutt Bunder - and dyslexics have more nuf!