Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Foaming at the Mouth - Grrrrr!

Do you remember what movie that line is from?

I've been getting heartburn a little more frequently. I haven't usually had intestinal issues - all other issues, but not this one. I've tried Tums, Prevacid, vinegar and my least favorite - Gaviscon chewable tablets. Don't get me wrong - they work really well. It's just that it's like the foaming pipe snake for your drains. You start chewing on it and you think, not too bad, kinda vanilla flavored, gets stuck in your teeth and then it happens. It foams. I actually gagged the first time I took them at my mom's house. I didn't know what to do as the foam was filling my mouth, should I spit it out or gag it down. I washed it down with lots of water. Then picked it out of my teeth with microbursts of foam following. If you haven't thrown up by this point of taking the antacid then it forms a barrier on top of the contents of your stomach and relieves the burning in the back of your throat. It reminds me of a fire extinguisher - but for your throat.

My brother was at my house and asked if I had any Tums or something. I said, "Yeah. I have this stuff, but have a glass of water ready." He looked at me like I was crazy. He took the two large tablets and started chewing on them and he had the same exact reaction I did. He said as if he was afraid to close his mouth, "Uh! It's foaming! Uh!"

"Quick, drink some water to wash it down!" I say, feeling like the experienced heartburn hero.

Yeah, I'm finding I'm having to cut more and more food out of my diet due to cankers, heartburn and diarrhea. I'm a perpetual Pepto Bismol commercial.

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